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Support Thrive Space

Thank you to the following private gift sponsors
Vicky Weldon

Jeanette and Curt Bish

Cliff Heiney

Cathy and Doug Kime

Bill and Toni Dean

Anonymous Giver

John Blotnick

Savoy Swing

Please consider tangible gifts or financial gifts towards our startup business.  

The reasons families choose alternatives to public schools are varied and personal.  Yet, the need to be a part of a thriving community exists.  This is the void Thrive Space helps fill.  

We seek support for our business and the homeschoolers, cyberschoolers, and alternative schoolers enrolled in Thrive Space.  Gift cards, product gifts, and cash gifts would help fund a variety of needs.  Thrive Space is an LLC business, so while these donations are not tax deductible to your business, please know they are going to the next generation of critical thinkers and supporting those that believe in the need for an educational revolution! 

We accept gift cards from Amazon, Wegmans, Trader Joes, Giant, and Weis as well as cash gifts.  Your gifts help fund the students of Thrive Space. 


*Each semester we try to offer financial assistance to at least one student who may need it.  

The cost is typically $520

Items we are saving to purchase:

Digital cameras for the photography classes

A portable AED device

Security cameras

Food for our end of semester family gatherings

Products we could use:

Attitude (brand), unscented hand soap

White, paper towels

Branch Basics

Black sharpie markers (fine and extra fine)

White, mixed media paper

White, watercolor paper weight around 200 lb 

Our creative learners eagerly await the opportunity to send you a one-of-a-kind thank you note/art piece from Thrive Space; and we would joyfully thank you on our social media sites and website!  Please feel free to email us at or you may make a gift through cash, check, or our PayPal link

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